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1 Intensive Care Unit. Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, La Habana, Cuba.

2 Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirurgicas, La Habana, Cuba.


Perfusion is a continuous and regulated physiological process of distribution of blood volume per unit of time and weight of tissue to guarantee energy requirements. Traditionally, perfusion was evaluated by monitoring systemic variables (macrocirculation), which constituted a limitation given its regional character with heterogeneous distribution according to particular needs of the different regions of the organism, through a micro vascular network (microcirculation). In the present communication highlight the need for systemic perfusion monitoring through macro and microcirculation variables together with monitoring of dependent organ variables to establish an accurate diagnosis of the patient's situation and especially to direct therapeutic actions. The peculiar characteristics of cerebral perfusion make CBF monitoring mandatory along with cerebral metabolic monitoring.