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International Academy for Medical Sciences, The Regenerate Clinics India, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


Cancer is an electrical fault. The voltage across the membrane has to be corrected for the replication of mutating cells to be stopped. The only way to stop cancer is to change the behavior of the cells. Trying to kill cells is a haphazard process with drastic side effects. Like the several systems that exist in the human body, Cancer with its own boundaries may also be considered one such system. Fundamental to this is the cell membrane which separates the internal and external milieu of the cell and interacts with biomechanical, biochemical, and bioelectrical gradients, all of which affect the gene regulatory networks. While the mutation centered models of cancer have dominated our understanding, the importance of the cellular environment is now gaining ground. Cancer is now to be viewed as a developmental disorder of cell regulation, where there is a loss of the organizational capacity of the surrounding environment